1Wanting to know if a guy likes you could be nerve wrecking and frustrating as you do not want to make the error of expecting he does have feelings for you when he really doesn't. Fortunately it is hard to hide these emotions if a man is close by a woman he wants. There are always indicators to watch out for; you simply have to understand what they are. While men may sometimes be sneaky in concealing many of the signs that he likes you, listed below are the very subtle signs that might have slipped his thoughts.


Awkward hands

You know, being around anyone you like can make you panicky and self-aware, to a state wherein you begin acting not like yourself. As a result of becoming self-conscious he might start to demonstrate it in the awkward way he stands up, or not knowing what he should do with his arms. Try to look for clues of him becoming anxious whenever he is near you.


He examines your reaction to a joke or story

At the end of his tale or highlight in a joke, men will usually want to watch her reaction and her smile if they are interested in her. Thus as a result, whenever the ending of a joke is near, he is going to alter his focus on her in a group of people just to look at her smile.


His emphasis is upon you a lot more than other people when talking in a group of people

When a lot of men want someone, they will unconsciously give her much more attention while conversing in a crowd. The reason is that they're captivated with her, and like looking at her. Take note to determine how much time he uses giving eye contact to particular people.


Eye contact, avoids it, or in excess of

It is evident that a lot of eye contact can mean that he is interested in her, but in addition not making adequate eye contact could mean he likes her. Especially with males who aren't as knowledgeable about the ladies, they will most likely over compensate by not making any eye contact simply because they're bashful or they're trying too hard.


Looking at the way he acts along with other persons, searching for differences

Guys can be different, consequently any general clue concerning what to watch out for can be confusing to spot. Nevertheless, what's normal in guys is that they are going to feel the pressure and respond differently somehow whenever around a lady they have feelings for. Evaluating the differences in his behavior when he's around the woman he has feelings for and other people is vital in recognizing when he likes her.


See his friends, the way they look at you each time you're with him

5Sometimes the clues do not come from him, but from his friends. If he has revealed to his friends or if they know that he is interested in you, they could then start to express signs. In particular if they assume you aren't taking note of them. Watch if they all stare at you, snicker, laugh, or try and spy on the two of you, when it is merely the two of you with each other. Yet another sign is if they all purposely allow him time and room alone with just you. Be sure to catch him or his buddies watching by unexpectedly looking at them from out of nowhere.


He recalls the tiny details

People will give more consideration and focus to individuals they have a crush on, this is a test as old as time. Maybe he remembers her name more than other people, or tiny information regarding her Saturday and Sunday in contrast to other women he talks to. What can be useful is to lay traps for him, by bringing up little details in your chats together and find out if he recalls them later on.


Getting the perspective of others

A handy idea when you are wondering if he is interested in you is to find out the opinions of other people. Where it is often much easier to spot things from another point of view, the individuals close to you could oftentimes notice what you have been missing out on. This is because they might know him far better, and personality variances that are subtle to you are very clear to them.

Together with which, they will see how he acts whenever you are not close and when you are close to him.  You do not get to observe the difference between how he acts about you and how he reacts around other women he does not like.


His explanations don't seem sensible

Often times he'll produce explanations for being around you, or walking past you only to see you. It can be that he produces lame excuses for how he dresses around you, or the reasons he comes along to talk with you. Lying is a hard game to pull off. Watch for gaps in his excuses that do not add up or are just pointless. This could be a definite indication that he's just lying to be close to you.


He mirrors you

Guys can oftentimes mirror somebody they're closely listening to without being aware of it. This is due to their focus is on them and isn't on their settings. If they had been less interested they would act more natural and be less attentive on whom they're listening to.


Look for these subtle indications that he likes you as numerous men do not know about them or do not have the abilities in concealing them. By watching out for them you could have the edge, and be all set for the moment he does make a move on you.

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